|About Emma|

Emma ( pictures ) was born at 01:26 BST 18th September (2004-09-18T00:26+00:00). She weighed 4kg (8lbs 14oz) and was 53cm (21 inches) long.

Mother and baby are doing fine. She is feeding well and resting too.

She has a few marks from all the pushing and the usual funny-shaped head - but they'll all sort themselves out.

Her favourite trick when anyone is taking photos seems to be to cover her face with her hands.

Her normal name is Emma Bowen, her full name is Emma Carey McNaughton B o w e n. This follows the pattern in David's family (e.g. David Stephen Lawrence Bowen = New + Parent-of-Same-Gender + Mum-Maiden + Surname). It's nothing to do with The Emma Bowen Foundation. It's also nothing to do with Friends, but I suppose it means that she'll find other Emma's as the name seems quite popular at the moment. Rumour has it that Emma is the most popular name in Scotland and Ireland at the moment (and Denmark, Norway, ...), but in England and Wales it's only about 18th so she shouldn't find it too common unless she moves! Apparently "Emma" is an old Teutonic name meaning all-embracing or universal.

Emma's pre-birth images are available.

Of course you can write to emma@myforest.com if you wish.

Any child of David obviously ends up with their own domain ( emmabowen.com ) but I admit I wasn't on-the-ball and forgot to pre-register it. So now it's quite cute as the registration moment is her birth date. Note that I chose a ".com" address so that she's not tied down geographically and she can use it for commercial activity if she wants.